1920`s Manila Piano Shawl Ottoman

1920`s Manila Piano Shawl Ottoman

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W: 86cm (33.9")H: 41cm (16.1")D: 86cm (33.9")

This ottoman has been made out of a silk embroidered piano shawl from the 1920`s with its` original fringe around the bottom. Considering the material is so old, the shawl is in wonderful condition and the colours on the embroidery are unfaded. The ottoman would look stunning as a centre piece in a formal setting or it would suit a bedroom. This really is an exquisite piece.

The hand made silk embroidered shawl is called `Manila` in reference to the capital of the Philippines, which was the first port of call for Spanish traders bringing silk back from China.  This shawl was most probably made in Spain and this opulent design and style is typical of flamenco shawls of Andalucia worn by the rich and poor alike from the 16th Century onwards.